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Power Management
  • Power Management Expertise Across Mobile, Automotive, Computing
  • Expert in design of state of art DC-DC converters, Buck Boost, Sepic converters
  • PMUs for Servers, Notebooks, Graphics & desktops
  • Expertise in AMS and Real Number modeling
Mobile Applications
  • Battery maximization
  • High regulation Efficienty
  • Multiple power rails, Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling
  • Fast mode switching
On-Chip Controllers
  • LDO Controllers
  • Multiple power modes, including retention
  • High Input Voltage Noise Rejection for precision circuits
Power Regulation
  • Multiple DC-DC, LDO
  • High Voltage, Harsh Environment
  • High Current
Power Management ICs
  • Multi-Phase regulators
  • High Current
  • Short Reaction Time
  • Extended power-mode support