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Set Top Box

Software and firmware:

  • Deep knowledge in the device drivers, BSP and Multimedia player blocks
  • Expertise in
    • Hardening the BSP
    • System level issues handling
    • AV Streaming - http/mms streaming playback
    • G-streamer customization on platform

Hardware/IP domain:

  • Take Ownership of the following activities
    • Front End Verification of IP blocks and top-level SoC
    • Constraints validation and synthesis of sub-chips
    • Place and Route of subchips
    • ATPG, pattern generation and simulation of subchip and top
    • Timing Signoff checks in more than 100 timing corners
    • Physical Verification including DRC, LVS
    • Static and Dynamic IR Analysis at full chip level
    • Physical verification and timing closure support at top-level